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Our prices

Our pet fees (Homemaking, Visits or walks) are calculated according to the mode of care, its frequency, duration but also the breed/species and the number of pets.

Our rates are on a daily basis and with a discount for a 7-day period. (For example, the daily rate for a 3-day shift will be higher than for a 7-day shift).

The daily cost of any additional pets will be reduced by half.

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Each day started will be counted.

The service fees include:

  • Follow-up of your request before and during the pet care,
  • The possibility to choose your Dogsitter and change it if it doesn’t suit you (with a maximum of 3 changes) except for requests made less than 7 days before your departure,
  • Free change of dogsitter in case of withdrawal, incompatibility or unforeseen event before or during the pet care,
  • Professional Liability Insurance.

Our Paid Options

The Cancellation Option

A cancelled trip, your business trip postponed? Remember to subscribe to the cancellation option!

An increase of 8.9€ will be required if you wish to take an option to cancel your custody. The Cancellation option allows you to be refunded or to have a credit valid for 1 year according to the following events:

The following events entitle you to a refund of the service (with the exception of the cost of the option):

  • Accident or illness that no longer allows you to go on vacation or travel (provide medical proof of disability)
  • Death or hospitalization of your pet (send a veterinary certificate)
  • Serious property damage to your home related to a burglary, fire, water damage, a climatic event requiring imperatively your presence during the period of custody of your pet (send a certificate of your insurance containing these events)
  • Your own death, or that of your spouse, ascendants or descendants (send a death certificate)
  • A cancellation of your trip independent of your will (forward the proof of cancellation by your travel agency)

Any other cause of cancellation will give you a credit valid for a non-renewable term of one year.

Caution: the following causes of cancellation will not give you any credit:

  • After visiting 3 families, none of them suits you
  • You cancel your guard because your pet is not sociable with its fellows, children or adults
  • If your pet has a contagious disease

The pickup option: The host family picks up and brings my pet home

You can not move about? You are overworked preparing your departure? The "pickup" option allows you to ask the dog-sitter to pick up your pet at home and bring it back to you on the last day of care.

A surcharge of 23€ will be required if you want the dog-sitter himself to take care of the transport of your pet. The price includes a 8 € service charge + a 15 € increase to give to the host family to compensate for the time and expenses incurred (petrol, metro ticket ...)

Photo of two cats

The option dry dog/catfood

The host family is responsible for feeding and maintaining your pet for the duration of your stay.

An increase of 5 € + 1 € 50 per day and per pet will be required.

It includes for dogs feeding, for cats feeding and bedding, for rodents and birds feeding (seeds + raw vegetables) as well as shavings, hay or sand.

The Health Option

This option allows you to be covered in case of accident, illness or loss of your pet.

The increase is 1.50€ per day and per pet.

In case of hospitalization or veterinary fees related to the care of your pet, Amimalin covers the costs of consultation, treatment or surgical procedures up to 200€*

In case of loss (death or fugue) of the pet during the pet care period and noted for more than one month, this guarantee makes it possible to perceive a compensation of 200€ at most * (not cumulable with the first one)

This health guarantee is only valid for diseases, losses or hospitalizations that occur during the care of your pet and in its direct consequence. Excludes all diseases already noted before the care, the annual consultations, booster vaccines, sterilizations, pest control…

Host families and dogsitters should contact us first to see if the problem requires consultation with a specialist and if it will be paid by Amimalin.

*Rates of compensation for the health option:

  • 100€ maximum for a cat
  • 200€ maximum for a dog
  • 80€ maximum large rodent or large bird (rabbit, chinchilla, parrot)
  • 30€ maximum for a small rodent, bird

Payment for veterinary consultations or surgical procedures will be made upon presentation of an invoice issued by the veterinarian and may be paid directly to the clinic to avoid the advance of costs by the client or the host family.

Additional cost for special care

An increase of 5 € + 2 € per day and per pet will be requested for special care related to:

  • The pet condition: for the pets requiring additional care such as: incontinence, hyperactivity, wound to be treated, medicines to be given, very old, blind pets, unable to move anymore, diabetic cats, tablet or injection to be provided…
  • At the owners' request: daily brushing, meal preparation, teeth brushing…

This increase applies automatically when you check the corresponding box on your pet's form. Amimalin reserves the right to apply this option if any of the above mentioned cases apply to the cared pet.