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General conditions of services

AMIMALIN connects dog-sitters and catsitters with customers wishing to keep their pets while away.

The present document governs the service delivery relationships provided by the company AMIMALIN between DOGSITTERS (otherwise called "catsitter", "host family") and CLIENTS looking for ways to keep their pets. The subscription of a pet care contract or a connection between a CLIENT and a DOG-SITTER with the company AMIMALIN entails the automatic adhesion to these general conditions of service.

I. Role of the DOG-SITTER:

1.The profile:

The DOG-SITTER undertakes to perform his task as accurately as possible and above all to provide the CUSTOMER with a totally transparent image of the conditions under which the pets will be cared for. The photographs put online in the profiles must accurately reflect the interior of the dwelling in which the pet kept will evolve, all the necessary authorizations allowing the diffusion of the photographs must be in possession of the DOG-SITTER.

The information provided by the DOG-SITTER must be accurate and up-to-date. In case of unavailability, the profiles must imperatively be updated so as not to distort the client's search. AMIMALIN reserve the right not to accept a DOG-SITTER if they consider that its profile has not been completed with sufficient precision or that they will not be able to care for these pets. Any element likely to distort the relation between the CLIENT and the DOG-SITTER must be mentioned in the description text. Any incident resulting from the poor performance of the profile would result in the responsibility of the DOG-SITTER.

The choice of pets likely to be kept is a choice of the DOG-SITTER, it must be made according to their housing capacity and their ability to look after each type of pet he has chosen.

2.The pets reception area

The dwelling of the DOG-SITTER must be suitable for the reception of pets for a short-term or a long-term duration. This implies that the pet kept can’t escape from the dwelling. All elements likely to injure the pet or to compromise its integrity in any way will have to be put out of reach of the pets cared for by the DOG-SITTER.

The DOG-SITTER who undertakes to keep a particular pet must have experience in the care of this specific pet. This means that he must be able to provide specific care tailored to its specific needs as a breed or as a species and that the home is adequate with the care of this pet. AMIMALIN cannot in any case be held responsible in case of incompatibility between the DOG-SITTER and the pet making the service impossible.

3.The service

The DOG-SITTER can accept three types of services:

  • Pet care at home
  • The visits to the home of the CUSTOMER
  • The walks.

Any payment by the CUSTOMER must lead to the establishment and transmission to the social organizations of the related declarations as well as the payment of social security charges advanced by the CLIENT. The pet care must generate additional income for the DOG-SITTER and must be considered and declared as such, the pet care service, visit or walk must under no circumstances become the main income of the dog-sitter. The payment of the DOG-SITTER in exchange for the care or walk is a compensation and not a salary and should not be considered as such.

Pet care at home:

AMIMALIN connects the DOG-SITTER and the CLIENT wishing to keep his/her pet by raising his/her profile. The CUSTOMER chooses the DOG-SITTER to whom he wants to entrust his pet via AMIMALIN website. An email will be sent to the DOG-SITTER to warn him that he has been selected for a mission, if he confirms his availability, the CUSTOMER must then contact the DOG-SITTER to agree on an interview prior to his/her task.

The DOG-SITTER undertakes to meet the CUSTOMER beforehand in order to check the compatibility between the two parties as well as to evaluate how well the pet adapts to its environment and the pets around. As this is a job interview, no compensation will be due to the DOG-SITTER for the time spent on this interview, neither from the CLIENT nor from AMIMALIN.

AMIMALIN has an obligation of means as a service provider, its role stops at the connection between DOG-SITTERS and CUSTOMERS, any incident occurring afterwards doesn’t incur the responsibility of AMIMALIN. The pet-care agreement that AMIMALIN provides to the CLIENT and the DOG-SITTER is given free of charge and does not engage the responsibility of AMIMALIN.

Home visits:

The DOGSITTER undertakes to provide the CUSTOMER with the service as agreed, in particular respecting the number of visits and their duration. During visits, the DOGSITTER undertakes to respect the place of the visits and to return it in the same state as the one where he found it the first day. Any incident occurring during home visits entails the civil and criminal liability of DOG-SITTERS. However, the damage caused by the CUSTOMER's pets in his own home will not result in DOG-SITTER's liability, as well as any runaway due to non-human errors.

The company Amimalin serves and visits all cities of more than 25 000 inhabitants and their surroundings (people living within 5km from one of these cities). In the event that the Amimalin company does not have a sufficient network or for requests concerning cities of less than 25,000 inhabitants, AMIMALIN can modify the type of service and place the concerned pets in a host family.

The walks:

The dog-sitter agrees to be present at the time agreed at the CLIENT’s for the start of the walk. The repeated lack of punctuality at an appointment may cause the rupture of the relationship between the two parties. The duration of the walk must be in accordance with the agreement between the CLIENT and the DOG-SITTER.

II. Role of customers:

1.The pet:

During the prior appointment, the CUSTOMER undertakes to warn the DOGSITTER of any behaviour of the pets that may affect the integrity of the sitter and the premises in which they will be accommodated. Any damage that the pet would have caused during its care or during walks would result in the responsibility of the CUSTOMER. The CLIENT, by the acceptance of these general conditions of service, undertakes to have an insurance covering all the damages his pet could cause.

2.The type of benefit

Pet care at home:

The CLIENT may make a pre-selection visit to the DOG-SITTER to check their ability to keep their pets. It is agreed that the CUSTOMER will provide the necessary food for the pets that he has enough to cover the entire period of care, the equipment inherent to the custody must also be lent to the DOG-SITTER. The contract made available by AMIMALIN engages the CUSTOMER and the DOG-SITTER, in particular as regards to the cost of compensation paid in exchange for custody, subject to bilateral acceptance of the parties.

If the pet cared for proves to be aggressive, runaway, weeping, sick or having abnormal behavior making the guard impossible, the DOG-SITTER may terminate the agreement which binds him to the CLIENT. He will have to recover the same day his pets. Otherwise, the pets will be placed in a pet board or other host family at the expense of the CLIENT. In this sense, it is imperative to warn the dogsitter of any abnormal behavior of your pets and to mention it on the pet-care contract.

Home visits:

The CUSTOMER must beforehand agree with the DOG-SITTER of the length of the service and inform him of the facilities and food location necessary for the custody. The handover of the keys does not constitute an additional period of service. The CUSTOMER undertakes not to leave valuables in a visible manner while away and to lock rooms prohibited to pets.

The walks:

The pet attended to must be made available to the DOG-SITTER at the agreed time, any delay in the delivery of the pet shall be deducted from the duration of the walk. The duration of the walk is to be agreed between the two parties prior to clinching the agreement.

3.The service

In accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-20-1 paragraph 1 of the Consumer Code, the right of withdrawal is excluded in the case of the provision of a service whose execution has begun, with the agreement of the consumer, before the end of the 14-day period.

Given the nature of the service offered by Amimalin, the CLIENT will have to choose between the following two options:

  • The CUSTOMER can take advantage of his withdrawal period of 14 clear days. In this case, the ordered service, namely the connection between the CLIENT and the DOG-SITTERS, will only be executed once the withdrawal period has expired. Thus, no dog-sitter will be contacted by AMIMALIN before the end of this period.
  • The CUSTOMER may expressly indicate his wish to contact the dog-sitters immediately, and to renounce his right of withdrawal accordingly.

4.The contacting

For a service starting 7 days or more after the reservation, the CUSTOMER undertakes to get in touch with the DOG-SITTER within 48 hours of receiving the mail connection.

For a service starting less than 7 days after booking the CUSTOMER agrees to contact the DOGSITTER within 12 hours of receiving the mail connection.

If the DOG-SITTER is not reachable within this period, the CLIENT agrees to contact Amimalin within 24 hours after these delays.

Amimalin asks CUSTOMERS who have reserved at least 7 days before the start date to meet the DOG-SITTER as soon as possible after the e-mail connection. It is essential to take the pet that has to be cared for.

THE CLIENT undertakes to inform AMIMALIN immediately if:

  • The customer could not meet the DOG-SITTER quickly,
  • The family is not suitable for a valid reason (not mentioned in chapter III-3),
  • There is incompatibility of behavior between the client's pets and those owned or cared for by the DOG-SITTER.

The CUSTOMER will not be able to claim any reimbursement if he has not fulfilled his commitments or has not completed them within the prescribed time.


AMIMALIN is a platform putting CUSTOMER and DOGSITTERS in contact to ensure the care or the walks of their pets.

The DOG-SITTERS register on the AMIMALIN website and provide as much information as possible to inform CLIENTS as accurately and transparently as possible. The service includes the provision of an interface allowing the CUSTOMER to obtain as much information as possible about the DOG-SITTER who is to take care of their pet. AMIMALIN undertakes as far as possible to provide the CUSTOMER with a wide choice of DOG-SITTER all selected by him.

The custody contract is provided by AMIMALIN to DOGSITTER free of charge. This contract does not engage the responsibility of AMIMALIN, even in case of failure of one of the two parts.

The DOG-SITTERS undertake not to reach out to former clients of AMIMALIN or accept a mission without securing a pet-care contract.

AMIMALIN is a provider of services subject to a best-effort obligation vis-à-vis the CUSTOMER and the dog-sitter. The DOG-SITTER's responsibilities and / or cat-sitter are: DOG-SITTERS work under the responsibility and direction of the CLIENT who is their employer for the care or the walk of his pets. The sitter of the CLIENT's pet (s) is insured by the DOG-SITTER in his capacity as employee of the CUSTOMER, private employer, under a fixed-term contract (unless the CUSTOMER and the dog-sitter agree otherwise) including a project contract is submitted to them by AMIMALIN. AMIMALIN does not interfere in the employee-employer relationship and, apart from the tasks specifically listed in the mandate, it can not replace the CUSTOMER in the exercise of his hierarchical power or his obligations as an employer with regard to working hours. and compensation, for example. AMIMALIN also provides its best efforts in the search for DOGSITTER in execution of the mandate entrusted to them and can not be held responsible for the execution by the DOGSITTER of the mission entrusted to him by the CLIENT. It is the CUSTOMER's responsibility to verify that the DOGSITTER (or the Dogsitter) and himself have an insurance coverage as well as a valid civil liability, such as to cover any damage occurring during the custody of the pet (s); AMIMALIN can not be held responsible in this respect.


The rates fixed by AMIMALIN for linking people can be sent on request. These rates take into account the costs of management and of linking CLIENTS and DOG-SITTERS, as well as all the costs related to prospecting. AMIMALIN reserves the right to change the price of its services with a one-month notice to customers during the contract period with AMIMALIN. Failure to pay the service to AMIMALIN would immediately result in the termination of the service provision contract.

The payment of the DOG-SITTER by the CUSTOMER doesn’t concern in any way AMIMALIN, and is part of the existing employer-employee relationship between the CLIENT and the DOG-SITTER. This payment is usually made at the end of the service between the two parties and must be in accordance with prior agreements. As a provider of a connection, AMIMALIN can not fix the remuneration of the DOGSITTER. Pet-care, visit or walk fees of the DOG-SITTERS indicated on the site are thus advised fees. The DOG-SITTER will be able to practice if he wishes different rates, and will in this case indicate them to the CUSTOMER during their initial relationship.

AMIMALIN disclaims all liability in case of partial or complete non-performance of the agreement between the DOG-SITTER and the CUSTOMER or in case of non-payment of DOG-SITTER.


AMIMALIN undertakes to provide CLIENTS with DOG-SITTERS (with a maximum of three) according to their preferences for all requests made at least 10 working days before the deadline.

For any reservation made within 10 days before the beginning of the mission, Amimalin undertakes to do everything possible to provide ONE dog-sitter to the CLIENT.

Upon receipt of the expectations by the client in terms of care, visit or walk, AMIMALIN informs the client as soon as possible and provides him with the personal details of the DOGSITTERS where he is likely to have his pets kept and that in order to arrange a prior meeting.

The deadline mentioned above ends upon AMIMALIN sending the email containing the personal details. In the absence of response from AMIMALIN within the specified time, the CUSTOMER must contact AMIMALIN to keep informed of the status of his request. The delay in sending the email containing contact details due to a technical problem will not result in the responsibility of AMIMALIN.

Amimalin is committed to providing you with a host family as soon as possible:

The first family / dog-sitter / cat-sitter will be proposed within less than 48 hours following the reservation of a so-called "classic" service. This period may be longer for tricky pet cares (multiple cares, category of the dog or pets with special needs).


The subscription starts on the day of booking.

The maximum number of dog-sitters given for a service will be THREE for a service reserved more than 7 days before the beginning of the service and ONE for a service reserved less than 7 days before the start of the service.

Your favourite families will be given priority.

The minimum duration of a service is 2 consecutive days (or 3 days for visits and walks) and the maximum is 2 consecutive months (61 days).

The number of benefits cannot exceed the number of months of subscription: 3 benefits for 3 months, 6 benefits for a subscription of 6 months and 12 services for a subscription of 12 months.

The last service must end before the closing date of the subscription.

In the event of cancellation by the client, any search for pet care service will be accounted for and can not be postponed.


Any CANCELLATION by the CLIENT will not be refunded

No withdrawal will be admissible in accordance with the provisions of Article L.121-20-1 paragraph 1 of the Consumer Code (see paragraph II-3)

The CUSTOMER who has received three proposals from DOG-SITTERS within one hour of traveling (80 km) from his home will not be able to request a refund. The lack of skills of the DOG-SITTER is not a valid reason for reimbursement since it is possible to meet in advance. The skills of the dog-sitter depend on the personal opinion of the CLIENT, it is his responsibility to judge beforehand during the pre-recruitment meeting. In the event that the conditions mentioned above are met, the account used to pay the service will be credited with the amount.

For any other claim, the CUSTOMER must send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to AMIMALIN customer service, Amimalin Company - SARL Amimalin, ZA RENE DUMONT, CHEMIN DE LA GAFFARDE, 30130 SAINT ALEXANDRE. Any complaint must be argued and justified under penalty of inadmissibility.

The following reasons cannot in any case justify the rejection of the DOG-SITTER by the CLIENT:

  • The age of the DOG-SITTER: the CUSTOMER can not demand a particular age group (students, seniors, active, retired),
  • Sex, religion or ethnicity of DOG-SITTER,
  • The type and size of housing, except for dogs over 40kg where Amimalin will take priority housing large area,
  • The fact that the DOGSITTER performs a service for the first time,
  • The fact that the Dogsitter owns or keeps other pets at the same time.

The services and mandates contracts concluded by AMIMALIN and its CLIENTS are governed by French law. In case of dispute, AMIMALIN will actively seek with the CUSTOMER an amicable resolution to their disagreement and it is only if it is not worked out at the end of 15 days of efforts that the most diligent parties could then bring it to justice
In the absence of amicable resolution, the dispute will be brought before the courts

The refund will be made within 30 days of receipt of the justified and agreed upon mail.